Best Fig Cookie Toppings Guide

Fig Cookie is a popular character in Cookie Run Kingdom. Players often wonder what the best toppings are for this particular cookie.

In this article, we will explore the ideal toppings for Fig Cookie and how they can enhance its performance in the game.


Swift Chocolates: Reducing Skill Cooldown Time

One highly recommended topping for Fig Cookie is Swift Chocolate. Using five Swift Chocolates can significantly reduce the cooldown time of Fig Cookie’s skills. This means that Fig Cookie will be able to use its abilities more frequently, allowing for more strategic gameplay and increased effectiveness in battles.

Sweet Candy: Amplifying Buffs

Another excellent topping option for Fig Cookie is the Sweet Candy. Similar to Swift Chocolate, using Five Sweet Candies can positively impact Fig Cookie’s performance. Sweet Candies amplify the buffs that Fig Cookie receives, making its abilities even more potent and enhancing its overall power on the battlefield.

Fig Cookie
Fig Cookie

Combination of Sweet Candies and Swift Chocolates

Players can also combine Sweet Candies and Swift Chocolates as toppings for Fig Cookie. This combination can provide a balanced approach, benefiting from reduced skill cooldown time and amplified buffs. However, based on player experiences and feedback, it has been observed that using Swift Chocolates alone tends to be more advantageous for Fig Cookie’s performance overall.

Conclusion: Optimizing Fig Cookie’s Performance

In conclusion, Swift Chocolates and Sweet Candies are the most effective choices when selecting toppings for Fig Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. While combining these two toppings is possible, using Swift Chocolates as the primary option has proven to be more beneficial in reducing skill cooldown time and maximizing Fig Cookie’s potential.

By equipping Fig Cookie with the optimal toppings, players can enhance their abilities and make it a formidable force on the battlefield. Remember to experiment and find the best combination that suits your playstyle and the challenges you face in the game.

Choose your toppings wisely and unleash the full potential of Fig Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.


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