Best Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings Guide

Clotted Cream Cookie is a new and impressive magic cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. It comes with a set of skills that make it a strong contender on your team. To maximize this cookie’s potential, you’ll want to choose the best toppings for its abilities.

Analyzing Skills and Toppings

Clotted Cream Cookie’s skill includes periodic damage, light cage damage, light cage duration, and extra damage for cookies. There’s also a stun effect and a damage resist buff. With these skills in mind, the best toppings would help reduce cooldown, increase damage resist, and boost attack.

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Players have been using a combination of Almonds, Raspberries, and Chocolates for Clotted Cream Cookie. The choice between cooldown, damage resist, and attack will depend on your team composition. In this case, we’ll focus on Raspberries.

Filtering through Raspberry toppings, you’ll want to look for those that have reduced cooldown and increased damage resist. It may be necessary to remove some toppings from other cookies to optimize Clotted Cream Cookie’s performance.

After carefully analyzing different Raspberry toppings, the following were selected for Clotted Cream Cookie:

  1. Attack, HP, and Crit
  2. Attack, Cooldown, and Amplify Buff
  3. Attack, Damage Resist, and Amplify Buff
  4. Attack, Cooldown, and HP
  5. HP, Damage Resist, and Attack Speed

With these toppings, Clotted Cream Cookie’s attack is at 50.5%, HP is high, and cooldown is reduced. This powerful combination will make Clotted Cream Cookie a valuable addition to your team.

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Final Thoughts

Clotted Cream Cookie is now one of the most powerful cookies with these Raspberry toppings, even at level 59 with a skill level of 59. As you level it up, this cookie will only become stronger. Enjoy experimenting with different toppings and building a powerful team in Cookie Run Kingdom.


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