Best Eclair Cookie Toppings Guide

In this article, we will be discussing Eclair Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. Eclair Cookie is a powerful and versatile character, and equipping the right toppings is crucial for maximizing its potential.

For Eclair Cookie, it’s highly recommended to equip Swift Chocolate toppings. These toppings focus on cooldown, attack, crit, and damage resist. The more you upgrade your topping, the higher your chances of getting a good sub stat. Having a set of five Swift Chocolate toppings gives a set effect of 5%.

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Topping Stats

Here are some example stats for Swift Chocolate toppings:

  • Strongest Swift Chocolate: 3% cooldown, 2.9% attack, 2.7% crit, and 1.7% damage resist
  • Second-best Swift Chocolate: 2.6% attack, 1.4% amplified buff, and 1.4% debuff resist
  • Third-best topping: 2.1% attack, 3% damage resist, and 3.3% crit resist

Alternative Topping Options

If you don’t have five Swift Chocolate toppings, you can use three Swift Chocolate and two Searing Raspberries to increase attack. However, the full set of Swift Chocolate is highly recommended for Eclair Cookie.

Eclair Cookie’s skill, Book of History, provides a shield and deals a lot of single-hit damage. This is why it’s crucial to have increased cooldown and attack.

If you don’t have a 5-star Eclair Cookie or don’t have Eclair Cookie at all, a great way to obtain it is through the Mileage Shop. You can purchase Soul Stones for 100 mileage per stone, which is a great investment. Another way to get Eclair Cookie Soul Stones is in dark mode 14-27, but the Mileage Shop is highly recommended.

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In conclusion, equipping Eclair Cookie with the right toppings can greatly improve its performance in Cookie Run Kingdom. Focus on Swift Chocolate toppings with a mix of cooldown, attack, crit, and damage resist stats to maximize its potential. Happy gaming!


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