Best Frost Queen Cookie Toppings Guide

Frost Queen Cookie is the second legendary character in Cookie Run Kingdom. She is an excellent DPS (damage per second) character that players can use in the game. Unlike Sea Fairy Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie is a magic type, not a bomber. Her cooldown time is longer, with an 18-second cooldown instead of Sea Fairy Cookie’s 17-second cooldown.


For Frost Queen Cookie, the recommended toppings are Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry. Swift Chocolate is a good choice if you want to use her as a utility character, mainly to freeze the enemy, preventing them from attacking or resetting their cooldown.

If you want to focus on damage and a bit of cooldown, then go for Searing Raspberry. You can combine both toppings using three Searing Raspberry and two Swift Chocolate to achieve an 11.8-second cooldown.

Frost Queen Cookie
Frost Queen Cookie

The Importance of Cooldown and Damage Resist

Frost Queen Cookie’s most crucial aspect is her cooldown. Focusing on cooldown as the most essential thing and damage resistance as the second important factor is vital.

Swift Chocolate has resulted in the best outcome when using her for a long time. With 24.7 damage, she is an excellent DPS for story mode and arena. Frost Queen Cookie is a bit better than Sea Fairy Cookie in the arena due to the presence of Coco, which Sea Fairy can’t counter.

Frost Queen Cookie’s Limitations

Unlike Strawberry Crepe, Frost Queen Cookie is not recommended against most bosses. You can freeze Strawberry Crepe and deal damage for her second portion of the damage.

Still, with most bosses, you can’t get the maximum attack damage of 474.6 without freezing the enemy. She is, therefore, not an SS-tier character for the world exploration or the story mode. Still, she is an excellent choice for the arena and can be used in guild boss battles.


Frost Queen Cookie is a must-have character for Cookie Run Kingdom players, and investing in her is highly recommended. With her excellent DPS and the ability to freeze enemies, she is a valuable asset in the game. Remember her limitations against most bosses, but she is still an excellent choice for the arena and guild boss battles.


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