Best Oyster Cookie Toppings Guide

Oyster Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom is known for summoning goddess soldiers. To do this, players need to increase their cooldown; the exact number found to work was 24.4. However, some players find 24.3 sufficient.

Achieving these numbers is not easy, so players must upgrade their toppings, which can range from one to two percent cooldown. The Swift Chocolate set is the best combination for Oyster Cookie. Players can use three Swift Chocolate and two Solid Almond if they don’t have five Swift Chocolate.


To summon all four soldiers, players need a 24.4 percent cooldown. This is achievable using the Swift Chocolate set, which has a two percent cooldown. Players can also upgrade their toppings, with a one to two percent cooldown, to reach the necessary number. Other toppings can be used, such as those offering extra damage resistance.

To complement Oyster Cookie’s skill in summoning soldiers, players should use the Seamstress’s Pin Cushion treasure. This treasure increases attack by 64, 66.4 percent, and summon duration by 24.5 for all seven creatures, including the four soldiers that Oyster Cookie summons. Even with only three soldiers, this treasure is still vital.

Players should upgrade their toppings to increase their chance of getting the necessary cooldown percentage. An auto-upgrade can upgrade all toppings, which can be challenging to obtain. Players can get the best out of Oyster Cookie’s summoning skill by upgrading their toppings.


Oyster Cookie is a formidable cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Players can maximize their strength by using the ideal toppings and treasure. The Swift Chocolate set, Seamstress’s Pin Cushion treasure, and 24.4 percent cooldown are the keys to summoning all four goddess soldiers.

Players can also experiment with other toppings to find what works for them. With these tips, players can enjoy using Oyster Cookie and make the most out of its skills in the game.


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