How Long Does It Take to Max Out Clash of Clans?

This article explains how long does it take to max out Clash of Clans…

How Long Does it Take to Max Townhall 14?

At the beginning of the Townhall 14 update in Clash of Clans, nobody knew how long it took to max out the town hall. It required upgrading the lab, builders, and collecting loot. However, the Clash Wiki has now provided a listing detailing how long it takes to max Townhall 14, starting from Townhall 1.

Max Townhall
Max Townhall

Maxing Out Townhall 14: The Stats

Comparing Townhall 14 to Townhalls 13 and 12, the time required to max out the buildings is significantly longer. If you have six builder huts as early as possible, it would still take 1,119 days to max out the buildings and almost 2,000 days to max out the lab.

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With this knowledge, players need about 199 days to max out their Townhall 14 bases. For Townhall 13 players, the time needed is essentially the same. As a result, double Diesel Max becomes a possibility. However, knowing the time required to max out the base may make some players feel more or less motivated to play Clash.

CoC Resources
CoC Resources

Balancing Life and Clash

It’s essential to manage your time effectively and not devote your whole life to Clash. To max out your base, you need to have upgrades going consistently, but it’s also important to balance gaming and the rest of your life.

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With 208 days left for season three of Deus Max, players can look forward to a potential Double Max Day where two bases are maxed out on the same day. Although the challenge may be difficult, it would be a significant achievement in the Clash of Clans community.

In the meantime, players can continue farming on both bases and planning for the future, while also enjoying unique base setups like the wall museum and level one archer tower. As players work towards maxing out their bases, remember that it’s essential to balance Clash with other aspects of life.


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