How to Get Pets in Clash of Clans (Explained)

This Clash of Clans guide explains how to get and upgrade pets in Clash of Clans:

How to Get Pets

Your Clash of Clans hero can now take a pet into battle with four pets in this update. The new building, the Pet House, allows you to unlock pets to fight alongside your heroes.

Pet House
Pet House

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Pet House and Upgrades

The level one Pet House will cost you 15 million elixir with a 13 day build time. Upgrading the Pet House unlocks different pets, and you can upgrade your pets to level 10. The Pet House will be affected by the Town Hall boost once you upgrade to Town Hall 14, so all of your pets will have an extra five levels for the boost.

Unlocking the pets:

  • Level 1: Lassie
  • Level 2: Electro Owl
  • Level 3: Mighty Yak
  • Level 4: Unicorn

Assigning a pet to a hero can be done through the Pet House or the troop training menu. Be aware that if you assign a pet to a hero that already has a pet, it will replace it.

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Upgrading Pets

Upgrading a pet costs Dark Elixir, and while the upgrade is happening, you will not be able to use the pet. The pets use the Book of Heroes to finish an upgrade and the Hammer of Heroes.

CoC Upgrading Pet
CoC Upgrading Pet

Hero Pets Breakdown

  1. Lassie: Comparable to a maxed level Yeti in terms of damage and hit points. Lassie can jump over walls to attack any building within a 2.5 tile radius of the hero it is assigned to. Lassie works best with the Royal Champion or the Queen.
  2. Electro Owl: Comparable to a level 8 Baby Dragon in terms of damage, with 600 extra hit points. The Electro Owl’s special ability allows it to bounce to nearby buildings, like the Electro Dragon and the Super Wizard. It works best with the Grand Warden due to his greater range.
  3. Mighty Yak: Comparable to a Giant in terms of hit points. The Mighty Yak has a favorite target within seven tiles of the hero and can bust through walls effectively. It works best with the Queen as it can tank and absorb fire for her.
  4. Unicorn: The Unicorn is a healer, and most players might think it’s best for the Queen. However, it works better with the King, as it can heal the King on the outside of the base and help him survive the entire raid.


To summarize, the recommended pet assignments are:

  • Lassie for the Royal Champion
  • Electro Owl for the Grand Warden
  • Mighty Yak for the Queen
  • Unicorn for the King


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