How to Restart Your Clash of Clans Village

Resetting your Clash of Clans village is an easy process. You can either restart your village by logging in with a new or unused account or delete the application cache.

How to Restart Your Account

Supercell ID
Supercell ID

First, tap on the settings icon on the right-hand side of your screen. Select the Connected button to access your Supercell ID account information. From here, you can access your Supercell ID settings, allowing you to log out of your current account. Confirm logging out, and you will be sent back to the login screen for Clash of Clans.

CoC Login Screen
CoC Login Screen

Next, choose to Login with Supercell ID or Play without Supercell ID. To reset your village, log in with a new Supercell ID using a new email address. This will enable you to switch between villages using two different Supercell accounts or play without any account. Your game progress will be saved on your device, and you can connect your account to a new Supercell ID in the future.

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Delete Village Without Switching Accounts

If you prefer to reset your village without switching accounts, you can delete the application cache. Close Clash of Clans and open your device’s settings application.

On iOS devices, navigate to General and tap on Storage. Look up Clash of Clans, select Offload App, and then delete the app. Redownload it from the App Store. On Android devices, find Clash of Clans in your settings and clear the application’s cache.

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When launching Clash of Clans again, select to log in with your current account or start from the beginning using a new one. If you face any issues or problems following this tutorial, consider following an extensive guide linked in the video description.

Now you know how to reset your Clash of Clans village. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and good luck with your new village!


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