Why Did Clash of Clans Remove Global Chat?

Clash of Clans developers have explained the reasons behind the removal of the global chat feature. Contrary to popular belief, it was not solely due to filtering out offensive language or toxicity in the game.

The decision was mainly driven by two major reasons: preventing threats of violence and protecting children from predatory behavior.

Threats of Violence

When threats of violence, such as school shootings, were reported in the global chat, the Clash of Clans team had to contact the Finnish police, who then coordinated with the police in the respective countries to investigate the threats.

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This process was resource-intensive and time-consuming. While some threats may have been trolls seeking reactions, the developers could not take any chances and had a responsibility to ensure the safety of their players and community.

Protecting Children

Unfortunately, there are insidious individuals who prey on children, and the developers needed to protect young players from such predatory behavior. By removing global chat, they eliminated these individuals from using their platform for harmful purposes. This move was made to provide a safer and more enjoyable gaming environment.

Improving Social Interaction

The developers recognize that global chat was used for recruiting and social interaction, and they are working to improve these aspects of the game. The clan recruitment tool, which initially had some issues, has been improved and is now in a much better place. The team is actively discussing other ideas to enhance social interaction within the game, but it is too early to share specific details.

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In conclusion, the removal of global chat was a necessary decision to protect the player base and create a safer gaming environment. Although some players may miss this feature, the developers are committed to improving social interaction and recruiting aspects within the game. However, global chat, as it once was, will not be returning.


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