Best Mango Cookie Toppings Guide

We’re diving back into the world of Cookie Run Kingdom.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on Mango Cookie. We’ll explore his skills, discuss the best toppings to enhance his abilities and determine if he’s worth pulling for multiple times.


Mango Cookie is a magic cookie that competes directly with other middle-line cookies like Espresso Latte and Licorice. It’s essential to note that Mango Cookie requires the same skill powder as these cookies. Keep that in mind if you’ve already invested in other magic cookies.

Mango’s skill, called Mango Juice Wave, unleashes three consecutive waves of tropical mango juice that deal damage to enemies. These sweet waves also increase the attack of all allies for a short period. The skill covers the entire battlefield from left to right, making it an excellent AoE (Area of Effect) skill.

Choosing the Best Toppings

The optimal choice for Mango Cookie’s toppings is the Searing Raspberries with a complete attack set. This conclusion is based on discussions with guild members and random players in the official Cookie Run Kingdom Discord server.

Since Mango Cookie has a massive AoE damage-dealing skill, increasing his attack will amplify his damage output, allowing him to eliminate more enemies.

Some argue that cooldown reduction is preferable due to the attack buff Mango provides to allies, similar to Pomegranate Cookie. However, I believe the 10-attack buff is insignificant enough to justify using cooldown toppings. By doing so, you would sacrifice Mango’s attack potential. Therefore, the focus should be on attack, damage resistance, and cooldown reduction.

Showcasing Mango Cookie’s Power

To demonstrate Mango Cookie’s capabilities, we’ll look at an example of using Mango and Pure Vanilla together. Mango’s skill unleashes three massive AoE waves in this scenario, dealing substantial damage. We’ve equipped Searing Raspberry toppings and some cooldown reduction substances to ensure frequent skill activation.

Mango Cookie Toppings
Mango Cookie Toppings

Mango vs. Espresso Latte

Based on extensive feedback from advanced players who have invested time and resources into Mango Cookie, it appears that Mango has the potential to outscale Espresso Latte, even without considering skill powders or toppings. Mango provides powerful AoE damage and offers an attack buff to allies, making him a more desirable choice.

If you’re new to the game or don’t have Espresso Cookie, I recommend focusing on building Mango Cookie. Mango’s versatility and damage output makes him a solid option for various PvE content, such as world exploration, story mode, tropical soda islands, bounties, and the tower of sweet chaos.

However, remember that Mango might not be as effective in guild boss battles, where single-target damage dealers are typically preferred.

To summarize, Mango Cookie shines as an AoE damage dealer, potentially outscaling Espresso Latte in various scenarios. Investing in Mango is a wise decision for players starting out or without Espresso Cookie. Remember to equip Searing Raspberry toppings to maximize his attack potential.

Focus on the attack, damage resistance, and cooldown reduction substances to further enhance his abilities. Embrace the power of Mango Cookie and embark on exciting adventures in Cookie Run Kingdom.


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