Best Squid Ink Cookie Toppings Guide

This article entails a comprehensive guide on the toppings for Squid Ink Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Squid Ink Cookie is an event cookie that players have highly anticipated.

The article aims to showcase the strength of Squid Ink Cookie and help viewers decide whether to invest in upgrading this character for their main DPS (damage per second) and which toppings to use.


Squid Ink Cookie’s Base Stats

Squid Ink Cookie at level 50 has an HP of 62,321, an attack of 25,652, a defence of 19,386, and a crit rate of 13. These stats contribute to Squid Ink Cookie’s overall power of 79,448, making it a formidable character. Compared to other event cookies, Squid Ink Cookie stands out with its high defence, making it a promising choice for players.

Ink Tentacle Slap: Squid Ink Cookie’s Skill

Squid Ink Cookie’s skill is called Ink Tentacle Slap. When activated, Squid Ink Cookie transforms into a giant squid and attacks enemies with its tentacles. The skill has a 16-second cooldown and deals 58.4% damage of Squid Ink Cookie’s overall attack stat, hitting enemies multiple times. The exact number of hits is challenging due to the quick elimination of enemies.

Squid Ink Cookie
Squid Ink Cookie

In Story Chapters 7-25 with the Scroll Lollipop and Jelly Watch, Squid Ink Cookie’s auto-attack damage reaches approximately 29,000, making it a powerful choice. The unique advantage of Squid Ink Cookie is its ability to dodge enemy skills, providing additional survivability during battles.

Comparing Toppings: Searing Raspberry vs. Swift Chocolate

The article compares the damage output of Squid Ink Cookie with two different topping sets: Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate. When using Searing Raspberry, Squid Ink Cookie deals around 1 million damage in PvE battles.

Switching to Swift Chocolate lowers the damage output slightly to approximately 1 million and 50,000. While Swift Chocolate reduces the cooldown by three seconds, it is advisable to stick with Searing Raspberry for its raw damage potential.

In the arena, Squid Ink Cookie’s performance is not as overwhelming as in PvE battles. Other factors, such as different buffs and utilities provided by opponent cookies, can affect Squid Ink Cookie’s damage output.

Despite this, Squid Ink Cookie can still be effective, especially when paired with others with utility skills.

When considering damage output and utility, Searing Raspberry is the recommended topping for Squid Ink Cookie in most scenarios. Its raw damage potential outweighs the slight cooldown reduction offered by Swift Chocolate.

However, a mix of three Searing Raspberry and two Swift Chocolate or four Searing Raspberry and one Swift Chocolate can be viable alternatives. Squid Ink Cookie is a strong choice for PvE battles but may require a specific build and subset of toppings to be effective in the arena.


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