My Singing Monsters: How to Breed Yool

Today, I’ll show you how to breed Yool, Rare Yool, and Epic Yool in My Singing Monsters. These are seasonal monsters available during the Festival of Yool. The Rare Yool costs 500 diamonds, while the Epic Yool costs 1,000 diamonds.


Breeding Yool

To breed a regular Yool, you need to use Thumpies and Congle. Light your torches to increase your chances of successfully breeding rare monsters. Level up your monsters before attempting to breed them. Keep trying if you don’t get the Yool on your first attempt.

Breeding Rare Yool

For Rare Yool, you will need the exact same combination as regular Yool: Thumpies and Congle. If you’re not sure whether you’ve bred a Rare Yool or an Epic Yool, you can speed up the process by spending diamonds.

Rare Yool
Rare Yool

Breeding Epic Yool

To breed Epic Yool, you need Beach and Pango. Make sure to level them up before attempting to breed. If you don’t get the Epic Yool on your first try, you can keep trying or use diamonds to speed up the process.

Once you’ve successfully bred a Yool, you can listen to the unique sound it makes in the game. The sound of the Yool is quite distinct and enjoyable, making it a valuable addition to your monster collection.

In conclusion, breeding Yool, Rare Yool, and Epic Yool in My Singing Monsters involves using specific monster combinations and leveling up your monsters. Keep trying and don’t give up; eventually, you’ll succeed in adding these rare creatures to your collection. Good luck, and happy breeding!


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