BitLife: How to Become a Famous Rapper and Popstar

Follow these steps to become a famous singer, rapper, or pop star in BitLife:

How to Become a Famous Singer, Rapper and Pop Star

Step 1: Music Special Talent

The first step to becoming a famous singer, rapper, or pop star in BitLife is to get the special talent for music. If you don’t have Godmode, you can still obtain the special talent without it. Once you turn six years old, choose your desired musical instruments, such as piano or guitar.

BitLife: Music Lessons
BitLife: Music Lessons

To improve your skills, practice each instrument three times every year. With special talent and consistent practice, your skill level should max out by the time you’re 11 or 12 years old. At age eight or later, depending on your character, you might have the option to take voice lessons. Focus on improving your voice as well.

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Step 2: Choose a Musician Career

Once you have maxed out your skills, navigate to special careers, and select musicians. You can choose to be a solo artist or join a band, but most players prefer being solo artists. Pick the genre you want to pursue, such as rap, country, or pop, and request an audition with your preferred record label.


Step 3: Complete an Audition

If your audition goes well, you’ll receive a contract and become a famous singer, rapper, or pop star. However, if you don’t get the genre or contract terms you desire, you can exit the app and restart to try again.

Step 4: Exit and Re-open BitLife

By exiting and re-entering the app, you can potentially secure better contract terms, higher royalties, and the genre you want to pursue. In upcoming BitLife playthroughs, try different genres and aim for platinum and diamond albums. Remember, consistent practice and focus on your chosen instruments and voice will pave the way to stardom.

How to Complete the WAP Challenge

In this section, we’ll discuss how to complete the Wap Challenge in BitLife, which involves achieving two double platinum singles as a rapper. Follow these steps to become a successful rapper in the game and complete the challenge.

Starting Your Music Career

Begin by creating a new character in BitLife. Choose a location like New York for a better chance of finding opportunities in the music industry.

As your character grows, develop their music skills by participating in musical activities.

BitLife: Contract
BitLife: Contract

Once your character reaches adulthood, start looking for a job in the music industry. This may involve joining a band or signing a contract with a record label.

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Releasing Singles and Albums

After joining the music industry, work on releasing your first single or album. Aim for a hit single that will gain traction and help build your reputation.

Continue to release more singles and albums, while also participating in live performances and promoting your music. This will increase your fan base and help your music reach a wider audience.

As you gain more fame and recognition, opportunities for collaborations and partnerships may arise. Take advantage of these opportunities to further your career and increase your chances of releasing a double platinum single.

Achieving Double Platinum Singles

To achieve a double platinum single, your music must be incredibly popular and well-received by both critics and fans. Keep honing your skills and releasing high-quality music.

As your popularity grows, focus on promoting your singles and albums through various channels, such as radio, television, and social media. The more exposure your music receives, the higher the chances of achieving double platinum status.

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Stay persistent and continue releasing music until you finally achieve two double platinum singles. This will complete the Wap Challenge in BitLife.


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