BitLife: How to Get Born and Marry Into Royalty (King and Queen)

In BitLife, becoming a king or queen requires being born into royalty or marrying into royalty. This article will explain how to achieve that without using God Mode (GMO).

How to Be Born Into Royalty

Choosing a Monarchy System Country

The first step is selecting a country with a monarchy system, such as Belgium. You can identify these countries by the presence of a “Commodore Royal Status” option.

Start a New Life
Start a New Life

Start a new life in the chosen country and check if you’re born as a prince or princess. If not, you can simply restart the life and try again.

Countries with Royalty in BitLife

In this section, we will explore the countries with royalty in the game. Each country has its unique set of royal titles available for characters.


Belgium has a full range of titles, including Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, and Prince.


In Denmark, you can find the following titles: Baron, Count, Marquis, Duke, and Prince.

Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, and Morocco

These countries have more limited options, with only a Prince title available in Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Morocco. Monaco is slightly different, offering Marquis and Count titles but no Prince.

Netherlands and Norway

Both the Netherlands and Norway have all available titles, including Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, and Prince.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Qatar and Saudi Arabia only offer the Prince title for royalty.

Spain and Sweden

Spain has all titles available, while Sweden has all titles except Viscount.

Thailand and United Arab Emirates

In both Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, only the Prince title is available.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a full set of titles, with one slight difference: the Count title is replaced with Earl.

…this list should help you navigate the royalty options in BitLife. Remember, each country offers unique opportunities for your character to ascend the ranks of nobility.

Reroll Lives

The odds of being born into royalty might not be very high, but it is possible to achieve with persistence. Keep starting new lives in monarchy system countries, like Sweden or Belgium, until you get the desired result. Eventually, you will be born as a prince or princess, which means you’re destined to become a king or queen.

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How to Marry into Royalty

In this guide, we will explore how to marry into royalty in BitLife without using God Mode. This method allows you to date someone from a royal family and potentially become part of that family.

Finding a Royal Love Interest

How to Marry into Royalty
How to Marry into Royalty

To find a royal love interest, go to the dating section in BitLife. If the person you’re matched with doesn’t have a royal title next to their name, simply exit and try again. Keep repeating this process until you come across someone with a title like “Martianist” or similar.

Note: This method can be time-consuming and may take several attempts to find a royal love interest. It’s not the most efficient way to become royalty, but it can work.

Resetting Your Love Interests

If you are unable to find anyone to love, you can exit the app and then come back in. This will reset your available love interests, giving you a fresh batch of potential dates.

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Final Thoughts

While being born as other royal titles such as count or countess might be interesting, they don’t guarantee becoming a king or queen.

Remember, the key to success is to keep trying and remain patient. Good luck on your journey to royalty in BitLife!


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