BitLife: How to Complete The Beast & Beauty Challenge

To start the Beast and Beauty challenge in Bitlife, begin by creating a character born in France. Focus on education and obtain a degree from a graduate school.

Follow these steps to complete the Beast and Beauty Challenge in BitLife:

Reading 10 Books

After getting your degree, it’s essential to read 10 different books. To make this task easier, you can turn off mini-games under settings. Read the books and complete this part of the challenge.

BitLife: Read Book
BitLife: Read Book

Finding a Partner with Low Looks

Next, use dating apps to find a partner with low looks, typically indicated by a small orange bar. Once you find a suitable match, establish a relationship with them.

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Becoming a Librarian

Apply for a job as a librarian after finishing your education. There may be multiple options available, but choose the one with the “Lively” label. Once you’ve secured the position, work for a while to settle into the role.

BitLife: Marriage
BitLife: Marriage

Getting Married

A key aspect of the challenge is to get married. Focus on building your relationship with your partner and propose to them. It may take some time and multiple attempts before the proposal is accepted. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately.

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Achieving 100% Looks

The final requirement is to have 100% looks. The easiest way to achieve this is through plastic surgery, especially if you have the funds. Otherwise, your character’s looks might naturally improve over time.

Bitlife Attributes
Bitlife Attributes

Completing the Challenge

Once you’ve fulfilled all the requirements, you’ll have successfully completed the Beast and Beauty challenge. You can now enjoy your accomplishment and see how you rank globally.

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