What Is Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Feeling overwhelmed after the Clan Capital Dev update? Let’s break down the basics of the biggest Clash of Clans update ever.

What is the Clan Capital

The Clan Capital is a central hub where the entire clan works together to construct and upgrade a massive base. This new feature is accessible to clans level 2 and above for players Town Hall level 6 and higher.

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Where Is Capital Gold Stored in Clash of Clans

To access the Clan Capital, look for the airship and floating island called the Forge to the right of the Builder Base boat. Upon arrival, you’ll find the Capital Peak with locked districts trailing down the mountain.

There are two new resource bars for Capital Gold and Raid Metal. The maximum capacity for each player is 25,000 Capital Gold and 5,000 Raid Medals.

Airship and Floating Island
Airship and Floating Island

How to Get Capital Gold

Capital Gold is used exclusively for the Clan Capital, and there are three ways to obtain it:

  1. The Forge allows players to manufacture and collect small amounts of Capital Gold daily.
  2. Participate in Capital Raids or Raid Weekends to potentially obtain large amounts of Capital Gold.
  3. Receive Capital Gold as rewards in the Season Pass and special events.
The Forge
The Forge

What Are Raid Medals?

Raid Medals can be obtained by participating in Capital Raids. They are only usable in your Home Village in either the Trader or the Clan Castle. The Trader will be improved, with offers changing every Tuesday and one free option per week.

You can also spend Raid Medals to fill your own Clan Castle with troops, spells, siege machines, or even Super Troops.

Contribute to Clan Capital

Unlike the Home Village, where each player has to farm, steal resources, and upgrade buildings individually, everyone in the clan can contribute Capital Gold to the Clan Capital. Each contribution is recorded and maintained on your player profile, leveling up your reputation.

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Districts and Upgrades

Each district in the Clan Capital has a different layout design, editable by the clan leader or co-leaders. Districts have a District Hall or a Capitol Hall, serving as the heart of that district. The Capital Peak is mainly comprised of defensive buildings, while Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley focus on offensive capabilities and unlocking troops and spells for your clan.

Capitol Hall
Capitol Hall

To unlock districts, your clan needs to contribute to increase the level of the Capital Hall. Remember that each clan can have up to 50 members, so the prices for upgrades can be high.

Friendly Challenges and Practice

The Clan Capital also allows you to set up Friendly Challenges and practice with your clanmates. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do this during Raid Weekends. Use this opportunity to improve your attacks and coordination with your team.


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